Drama is for headwear

Carefully composed, handmade unique designs, made with something upcycled and worn with a little bit of sass and lots of pride.

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About Me

I am an artist and milliner who lives in The Riverina in NSW.

My journey into millinery began in 2010, when I was invited to attend our local Gold Cup Race Day.

As an award winning artist, I was uninspired by the hats and fascinators around me, and instead decided to create my own headwear.

I am an avid op shopper and upcycler, and rather than contribute more to fast fashion, the carbon footprint and to blindly follow trends, I source many of my materials from thrift stores.

The most delightful thing for me about this, is that I have the most wonderful useful box, and for those of you who grew up with the Aussie icon, Play School, you will understand the wonder it still creates for even grown up children such as myself.

The most delightful thing about that for you, is that my designs are one of a kind sensations, and you will not worry about running into yourself on the race track.

My philosophy is to be yourself, and for you to wear what makes you happy instead of being a slave to fast fashion.

I do not always follow the rules in my design process, but I hope that neither do you.

For me there is no greater joy that having my work admired and loved by others, seeing my hats worn time and time again and shared among friends.

Feel free to send me a photo or tag me when you wear one of my creations on facebook or instagram or tiktok.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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